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Pflugerville New Construction

If you’re interested in learning about the price and availability of Pflugerville's new construction, let us help. I’m Dan Kurka, REALTOR® with Austin Area Professionals. We specialize in the areas to the North of Austin, including Pflugerville. As a result, we have the most valuable and up-to-date information to guide you through the list of available properties.

Because we assist buyers and sellers in these areas, we’re privy to the most market data about what’s buying and selling and what’s driving the recent market trends. For example, it’s no secret the Austin is becoming a new “Silicon Valley” as Californians relocate here in droves to buy some of the most expensive housing at a fraction of what they’d pay in Northern California. Consequently, many families are leaving the city for the new neighborhoods popping up in every direction.

Pflugerville has quadrupled in size in the last few years. You’re a stone’s throw from shops, restaurants, cafes, bistros, salons, malls, schools, office buildings, car dealerships, you name it. Another selling point for many younger people is the energy-efficient standard by which the new homes are designed. Energy-efficient appliances, insulation in closets, attics, and so on are very desirable for people who like modern conveniences over the traditional housing in older neighborhoods.

So, if you want to see first-hand how Pflugerville's new construction has changed the landscape, give us a call, and we’ll set up a tour. We’ll answer your questions, prequalify you for financing, and gather pertinent data about school districts and price ranges and whatnot. The call is free, and there’s no obligation to work with us. But don’t wait. Investors are buying these before they’re finished. Call today.

  • Find the best Pflugerville new construction while you still can!

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