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Down Payment Assistance Leander TX

Buyers seeking down payment assistance in Leander, TX, need not look further than us for support. I’m REALTOR® Dan Kurka, and my team at Austin Area Professionals is ready to guide and educate you. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or not, we know all the programs available to help you realize your dream of becoming a happy homeowner. We can review them in more detail during our initial consultation.

You could see help in various forms between the municipal, state, federal, and employer programs. Some come as loans and grants, while others can be a tax credit, mortgage credit, or an affordable first mortgage. You could also receive a tax credit while living in your home and retaining its original lease. We’ll tell you all about how you can qualify, apply for, and receive these benefits.

To determine eligibility for down payment assistance in Leander, TX, we’ll review your total household income, credit score, and homeownership history. These attributes all play roles in determining if you qualify for individual loans and how much you can receive. It’ll also help determine which loan to seek. You could find help with different loans or even a DPA grant with our service.

Once you’ve received the right loan, you’ll have a price cap on which homes you’re allowed to purchase. Considering the exceptional inventory here, that shouldn’t be a problem. We’ll talk in more detail about your desires and requirements while also reviewing neighborhoods with you. With a personalized search, we can narrow down your favorites and tour the region.

You can count on me for down payment assistance in Leander, TX! Such problems are common for homebuyers, especially if this is their first foray. They want an expert that has the necessary resources for success, helping them save their money in the long run. Nobody does this better than us, for we want to see you as a successful homeowner!

More homebuyer financing information: http://www.bankrate.com/finance/mortgages/down-payment-assistance-still-available.aspx

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